Empowering Stakeholders


Policy making should not be the preserve of a few if they are to balance interests and be owned by the people. This is why we help relevant stakeholders navigate and participate in policy processes.

CUTS activities and interventions extend to all groups of consumers, and emphasise supporting marginalised groups by empowering and facilitating their participation in economic governance. Thus, the objective is to enhance the sovereignty of all groups of consumers and the pursuit for social justice and economic equality.

The involvement of relevant stakeholders also benefits the policy-making and implementation processes by bringing in invaluable knowledge and insights, balance various interests, and by creating a sense of ownership.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in stakeholder empowerment includes awareness-raising and promotion of transparency, building multi-stakeholder networks and assessing the inclusiveness of policy making processes.

CUTS International, Geneva has developed an Inclusive Policy Making Index (IPMI), as well as a Stakeholder Engagement Performance Index (SEPI) as self-assessment and monitoring tools for governments.

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