Regional Integration & South-South Cooperation

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We support regional integration and promote experience-sharing through inter-regional cooperation projects in the South.

Beginning as an Indian NGO, CUTS International has expanded its project activities and physical presence to other countries and regions, to unlock the potential of South-South cooperation, not only among civil society organizations but also governments and business communities.

South-South cooperation remains an extremely significant process in contemporary international development and continues to motivate CUTS. Our approach to South-South cooperation has been shaped further by the philosophy of trilateral development cooperation: provision of technical assistance between Southern countries funded by a Northern donor.

CUTS International, Geneva further contributes to regional integration efforts, which allows developing countries to benefit to a greater extent from globalisation by providing larger economic spaces, alignment of policies, pooling of resources and a stronger voice in international policy making.

We see regional integration as a building block towards global integration, which should not lead to fragmented world and "regional fortresses".

In this spirit, our projects tend to adopt a regional approach. CUTS International, Geneva has worked in cooperation with regional institutions and their member countries, to build relationships with and between governments, trade negotiators, the civil society and businesses of different parts of the world.

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