Linkages for Holistic Policies


We analyze and sensitize about the linkages existing across economic sectors and issues like trade, agriculture, the environment etc. This is to "break silos" towards more holistic and coherent policies.

International trade offers a chance for producers to specialise in production that maximises efficiency and buffers against domestic shocks or natural disasters. However, this requires that domestic trade policies are in line not only with international trade agreements but also with other related domestic policies.

It is how these policies work together that constitutes the key to sustainable development.

Interplaying Policies

Trade policy does not take place in a vacuum and needs to consider reforms and changes in other parts of the economy to be effective and contribute to development. Our work aims to think outside pre-defined boxes and links issues, such as climate change, food security and agriculture with trade.

Sectoral-specific policies have far-ranging effects through their linkages across specific sectors and issues. A key task therefore is to understand these linkages, improve communication and coordination among stakeholder, and develop holistic policies.

Breaking Silos

This "breaking of silos" is at the heart of CUTS International's know how, which it undertakes not only at the national but also the international level where international organisations often tend to work within their narrow areas of specialisation without adequate knowledge-exchange and collaboration with other relevant international organisations.

In Geneva in particular, we have repeatedly called for a "Multilateral Consensus on Trade and Investment".

Our Expertise

We have track record in analysing and addressing linkages between trade policy and agriculture, food security, climate change, competition and investment among other policy areas.

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